Music for Cats

GIFstory Lessons

An in-fur-mational series for the feline inclined led by MfC creator Prof. David Teie.

Today's topic is adventures with cats.

There’s a digital history of our adventures with cats online.

Once, people took portraits with their favorite feline.

Now, they're not called portraits, but selfies with besties.

Some might even say cats have become our favorite accessories.

We've worn cats as hats and went viral.

And created costumes like the cat-squirrel.

Then came the catcuum cleaner.

Plus pranks a little meaner.

We've made cats look like Simba.

And taught them the way of the ninja.

Now we have Music for Cats. It may sound like a joke. But it’s not -- it’s way better.

It's the first real way for us to listen to music together.

This is proven by science, made by me: a musician, composer and, of course, professor.

Which means, now cats and humans can embark on a brand-new adventure.